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తేలుగు లో ఇన్క పోస్త చేవచ్చు

Type your words in telugu using english letters and the word is typed in telugu letters.

for example type meeru to get మీరు

before typing be sure to select the language in the toolbar to telugu and then type.


Happy Ugadi

Wish you all a very happy Ugadi.

Telugu New year.

Telugu Calender for 2008 now Published

Hello everyone,

The telugu calender for the year 2008 is now published and is now available for all.

for direct access Visit the calenders section at

For those that want to know what the new year name are then visit

Best Regards



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Vanaja Film


Vanaja is an art film that is definetly to be watched at least once.

read more about it at

Scene from vanaja film

Telugu Calendar's

Telugu Calenders in scanned format

Sardar Jokes


Hi All,

The following are some of the jokes that i receive by email.

I thought it would be good to post them into a collection book.

Let me know if any one has any objections.


Prince Charles & Sardarji were having dinner.
Prince said, "Pass the wine you divine".
Sardar thinks "how poetic"
Sardar says, "pass the custard you bastard".

Telugu Pandugalu (2007)

The following are the Holidays for Telugu speaking people for 2007 Year:

Sri Venkateshwara Mahatyam

Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam

1. Sootha Maharshi tells Sownaka & other Sages the story of Sri Venkateswara Swami & His Mahatyam

Naimikaranyam is a dense forest in Bharath. Sownaka and other Sages lived in the forest. They spent their time here in penance. Hence this forest is considered very sacred.

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